A man convicted of back-to-back hit-and-runs on Bell Island last summer showed no emotion in court Thursday as he heard the Crown say he lied to police about driving drunk.

John Dobbin, 42, had been drinking before he hit two people at two different locations on Aug. 19.

One girl was thrown through the air and into a ditch several metres away. Her bleeding head required stitches, and her foot was badly injured. A nearby girl was not hurt.

Dobbin left the scene. Minutes later he clipped and injured a woman's arm with his vehicle's side mirror.

Court was told that Dobbin at first lied to police about where he was that night. However, he was eventually arrested in October, after a witness who had been in a car behind Dobbin told the police what she had seen.

Dobbin was convicted of impaired driving causing bodily harm and leaving the scene of an accident.

The Crown is recommending a two-year sentence, while the defence is asking for half that.