A large number of RNC officers have blocked off a street in St. John's after the discovery of an illegal drug lab.

Albany Street, in the city's west end, is closed while police investigate the scene.


Deputy Chief Bill Janes said the RNC is consulting with other authorities about the drug lab. (CBC)

"We believe that we have some chemicals there that would be used in a clandestine lab," said RNC Deputy Chief Bill Janes.

"That's as much as we know until we do a full investigation and get some more information."

Janes said the RNC is consulting with Health Canada, the fire department’s hazmat team and the RCMP about the matter.

Paramedics were called to the house late Friday morning to deal with a medical emergency that sent one person to hospital.

The medics alerted authorities that they suspected there was illegal activity at the residence.

Janes told CBC News they found chemicals and equipment used to manufacture illegal drugs.

Police say they still do not know what kind of drugs the lab may have been producing.


Neighbour Melvin Sheaves said he thinks the lab may have been producing crystal meth. (CBC)

They are also investigating whether the medical emergency was related to the illegal activity.

Several neighbours were evacuated from their homes.

It was a shock for the normally quiet, residential area.

One 12-year old girl who delivers newspapers said she'd been inside the house many times on her deliveries.

Another neighbour, Melvin Sheaves, said he suspects the lab was producing the drug methamphetamine.

"They must have seen something, for all those police to turn up here all of a sudden," said Sheaves.

"I've seen meth labs on TV. Some of the stuff involved, I would not want to be involved either."

More to come.