A woman in St. John's says a "stalker drone" has been following her movements over the past few days, and whoever is controlling the flying device is spying on her through the windows of her downtown apartment.

"It's been quite unsettling," Rozalind MacPhail told CBC Radio's St. John's Morning Show. "It just feels like somebody is behind that watching every move I make."

MacPhail, who works from home, said whoever is controlling the drone has been quite invasive, getting really close to the large windows of her second-floor apartment on Gower Street.

'Who is this person that's watching me right now?' - Rozalind MacPhail

She said the noisy drone sounds like an "electronic bug" and it has a red and blue light so it's easy to spot in the dark.

MacPhail said the drone has also approached her in the backyard.

"And it's getting closer, and it's getting closer, and I'm looking up at it and wondering, 'Who is this person that's watching me right now?' And it just felt so invasive."

Downtown St. John's

Transport Canada says drones should stay at least 150 metres from buildings and people. (St. John's.ca)

MacPhail said since someone appears to be monitoring her movements, she's also worried about the possibility of a break-in.

"This person knows my work schedule so well that it can watch me from my apartment in my windows, and knows the moment that I went to step outside and [it] was right there."

MacPhail said the drone was flying about 30 metres off the ground, and Transport Canada clearly states that drones should not be closer than 150 metres to people, animals, buildings or vehicles.

MacPhail said she called police Tuesday, but they wouldn't do a written report and instead advised her to keep track of sightings, and take photos and video.

"And suggested that I find the person that owns the drone," she said. "They want me to find out who the person is who is flying the drone in my neighbourhood."

MacPhail said another woman who spends time in the house in her art studio has also had a similar experience with the drone.

With files from the St. John's Morning show