RCMP in western Newfoundland had to tackle a unique traffic problem today when a snowmobile without a driver started heading west on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Police said the machine's throttle somehow became stuck while its operator was attempting to cross the highway near St. Jude's.

The driver ended up getting thrown from the snowmobile and was unable to catch the machine as it started heading down the highway.

"The snowmobile was reported to be travelling westbound, and was bouncing off the snowbank on either side of the highway," an RCMP release stated.

The RCMP said it was an "extreme traffic hazard," and advised motorists to be aware.

A Royal Newfoundland Constabulary officer in an unmarked police cruiser attempted to stop the rogue snowmobile but was unsuccessful.

The machine eventually came to a stop east of Pasadena when it hit a snowbank and flipped on its side. 

There were no injuries or collisions as a result of the runaway snowmobile, according to police.