Randy Wheeler, 31, has been charged with flight from police and dangerous driving in connection with a car crash that ended in a funeral home parking lot in the west end of St. John's on Tuesday. 

Wheeler had been arrested by police right after the incident for driving while disqualified.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness to a car crash in the west end of St. John's on Tuesday is questioning the RNC's account that police called off a high speed chase of that vehicle.  

Larry Froude said he was out walking with a friend when he heard a loud bang. 

"We looked back and we seen the car coming. It was almost airborne," recounted Froude.

"We thought for sure it was going to go in through Barrett's Funeral Home."

RNC officials said police officers had been chasing the driver, but they called off the pursuit in the Blackmarsh Road area shortly after it started because of public safety concerns.

Scene straight of a television show, says Froude

Froude, however, said a police car followed behind the crashed vehicle quickly.

"They were the very first car that was behind this car, so if they had ended a pursuit why are they the very first car that's coming behind this car?"

Froude said what happened next was straight out of a television show. 

"They jumped out of the car, two police officers. This guy got out of the car and he was jumping, hopping on one leg. He was injured," Froude recounted. 

"The two cops approached him with their guns, jumped him. So one police officer must have had him detained, the other police officer done a thorough check, I guess just a quick look by the car with his gun out."

"Then he holstered his gun and went back to his police car." 

Wheeler and a female passenger, 19, were treated in hospital and then released. 

Froude added that he believes it was pure luck a bystander wasn't hurt. 

The RNC said it stands by its version of events.