For as long as anyone in the CBC Newfoundland and Labrador newsroom can remember, classic cars have been parking at the A&W in St. John's on Thursday nights.

Vehicles from all eras are admired by adoring crowds who line up along Kenmount Ave. to watch them leave. Some drivers even spin their wheel a bit to show off.

The CBC's Kathryn King recently joined the crowds to take the photos in the gallery above.

Hop in the car. Come as you are.

Vernon's pick

Remember Vernon Smith from a few weeks back? He has chosen some of his favourite vehicles, which you can see in the video to the left.

Many of us recall that the '60s and '70s station wagons were often available with fake wood panelling inside. And they looked great until the cheap vinyl coating peeled off. Things were different in 1942, when Chrysler and other automakers used real hardwood. Take a look at the 71-year-old treasure from Vernon's Antique Toy Store.