Winter driving is challenging enough when you're spinning through the slush in a passenger car. It's quite another story when you're peering over the hood of a tractor-trailer.

Rush-hour traffic in downtown St. John's isn't so bad when you compare it to navigating the Doe Hills in a blizzard or getting blown off the highway in Wreckhouse.

Still, for many people, sitting in the cab of an 18-wheeler is the only way to make a living. John MacDonald is one of them. He traded his place on the family farm for the driver's seat of a 2007 International ProStar.

The days are long — typically he hauls a load from St. John's to Marystown and back — but that's nothing compared to tending a herd of dairy cattle.  

Plus this way, MacDonald gets a weekend off every once in a while. Not to mention time to think while doing what he likes best. Even if he has to do it on slippery roads with zero visibility.

Since MacDonald has to share that road with amateurs like you and me, check out the video to see what we can do to make his life a little easier.