An unusual ad hit the N.L. Classifieds website last week, with a man seeking a donkey for hire to surprise a friend visiting from Australia later in July.

"First off, this is a real ad and I am seriously inquiring about a donkey," the poster said in the ad, dated July 2.

In the ad, the person states they want to find someone who could provide a donkey ride around the block.

"This would not only be the best moment of his life, but possibly the funniest of ours. Great bunch of lads looking to rent the donkey, and the owner can even stick around for a couple of beer after the ride is all said and done."

The person who posted the ad said there was no ill intention, and if a donkey ride wasn't an option, a visit and some photos would do just fine.

As of Monday, the ad was still up on the N.L. Classifieds website.