WestJetters may care about your travel experience a little more because they are also WestJet owners, but they do not care enough to be dishing out free plane tickets or money.

One of the latest phone scams making the rounds throughout Newfoundland and Labrador might have wary consumers thinking the airline is somehow involved. 

"It's a big headache, I'll be honest with you," said Robert Palmer, WestJet's manager of public relations. 

"We're not the only company whose name is being used," he said.

A pre-recorded message, sent to unsuspecting consumers through a robocall system, promises rewards. Palmer said the company never markets itself through call centres, and not turn over customer names and phone numbers to other parties. 

Palmer said that this ongoing scam is not new, and is the latest attempt that fraudsters use for "phishing" expeditions, to obtain credit card numbers. 

"They're using the names of iconic Canadian brands in an effort to portray that there is some credibility to this scam. But of course, we know that it is not."

Palmer said if somebody calls purporting to be with WestJet and offers either money or a free trip, the consumer should just hang up, and ensure that credit card information is never given out.