The owner of a small dog that was killed in Gros Morne National Park says police have found the dog and owner responsible for the attack.

Katherine Ralph was walking her dog, Donk, near Western Brook Pond on Wednesday when a larger dog got loose from its owner and got hold of the smaller animal.

Police caught up with the man who owned the dog in Rocky Harbour, she said.

"He didn't come forward, he didn't go to information, he didn't go to the RCMP," she said. "That concerns me."

Ralph said she wants to hear the man's side of the story before she decides whether or not to recommend charges be laid.

CBC News has contacted the RCMP's Rocky Harbour detachment, but has yet to hear back on the fate of the dog.

Katherine Ralph

Katherine Ralph says she's going to really miss Donk, but was thankful his final day was mostly a good one. (Facebook)

While Ralph says she wants the dog and owner to be held accountable, she does not want to see the animal put down unless it's shown to be the best option.

"It would be sad to see that happen, but I don't want to be the deciding factor," she said. "I don't want to make that decision."

Ralph picked up her dog after the attack and rushed him to a veterinarian clinic. In the fray, she told the man she wanted his information. She then told bystanders to get his name as she ran to her vehicle, but isn't sure what happened next.

Staff at the Humber Valley Vet Clinic did all they could to save the dog, but he succumbed to his injuries.

'I don't think anger is going to fix anything.' - Katherine Ralph

Donk was 20 months old.

Ralph's description of the event, including details of the man and his dog, was shared more than 4,000 times on Facebook.

If she could speak to the man, Ralph says, she would ask him why he didn't come forward after the attack.

Still, she says she is not angry with him.

"I don't think anger is going to fix anything," she said. "I wish it didn't come to this, but something needs to be done. Him and his dog should be held accountable."