A Conception Bay South man has been charged with abusing a dog in a case that the town's mayor says proves that a change to animal protection legislation is working.

The 46-year-old suspect has been charged under the Animal Health and Protection Act for allowing an animal to be in distress.

Rescued dog

This dog was rescued in Conception Bay South from a man who now faces an animal cruelty charge. (Town of Conception Bay South)

 Mayor Ken McDonald said what happened to the dog on Peachytown Road is unacceptable.

"[The dog was] just left with a collar on that can actually dig into the skin, through the fur and through the skin, and [was] left in this condition," he said.

Photographs released by the town show a large, open wound on the dog's neck. The animal is being treated, and will be put up for adoption once it has fully recovered.

Revisions last year to the Animal Health and Protection Act allows inspectors to be certified in towns like Conception Bay South.

McDonald says without them, it would have been harder to rescue the injured dog.

"I don't think we'd be able to do it as easily," he said.

"We would probably have to let the RNC take the lead on this. It enables us to act probably more quickly."