Dog attack on pregnant woman has Labrador town worried

A dog attack on a pregnant woman in a Labrador community has people calling for tougher rules for dog owners.
Danica Pinette says she was attacked by a pitbull while walking home Wednesday night in Sheshatshiu. (Courtesy photo)

A dog attack on a pregnant woman in a Labrador community has people calling for tougher rules for dog owners.

Danica Pinette, 19, says she was attacked by a pit bull-mix that broke free of its chain on Wednesday night in Sheshatshiu while she was walking home.

Pinette, who is seven months pregnant, said the dog was barking at her as she walked by, and it charged her after it got free of its chain.

Danica Pinette, 19, says she was focused on keeping the dog away from her stomach during the attack. Pinette is seven months pregnant. (CBC)
"It barked at me and chased at me first. I was screaming and yelling and I just started running," she said.

"I was trying to avoid it from getting to my stomach so I was waving my arms around and that's when it attacked me."

According to Pinette, the dog bit her arm.

She isn't the first person in the community to claim being attacked by the dog.

It's allegedly the same dog that bit a 12-year-old girl in December, leaving wounds on her leg.

"I'm scared to walk around now. I'm scared to walk around town, especially for my sister and brother," said Pinette.

Waiting for something bad to happen

Francine Nuna, Pinette's mother, said her daughter was lucky to get off with light injuries.

Nuna said it's time the band council took a step toward putting better regulations in place for people to control their dogs.

"They're loose, and it's just dangerous. It's like they're waiting for something very bad to happen in order for anything to be done with it, it's pathetic," said Nuna.

She said not everyone in the community is a responsible dog owner.

The family of the dog owner acknowledged that the dog is a risk, and told CBC News the animal would be put down.

The owner allegedly has another pit bull at the residence, and Pinette said there are several others at various homes in town.

A Sheshatshiu band councillor told CBC News the council will hold a meeting next week to discuss what to do about the dogs in the community.


  • Following the publication of this report, the RCMP in Happy Valley-Goose Bay reported that the dog was not a pure-bred pit bull, but rather a pit bull mix. It was reported in this story previously that it was a pit bull that attacked the woman.
    May 13, 2014 2:32 PM NT