A brutal attack against a disabled man outside a Mount Pearl movie theatre last Friday is intolerable, the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities says.

Five teenagers — three girls and two boys — were taken into custody after a disabled man reported that he was lured into a wooden area outside Mount Pearl Square.

Kelly White, the coalition's executive director, said the incident is appalling, and said that many victims do not report assaults for fear of being attacked.

"I think [for] anyone there is that fear again of going back out, there is that fear of being identified, it's that fear of, you know, will it happen again?" she told CBC News.

"That's not just for the person we are talking about. It's for anyone in society. We don't want to be victims of any crime, of any abuse."


A disabled man who had gone to the movies at Mount Pearl Square was attacked after being lured to a nearby wooden area, police say. (CBC )

Royal Newfoundland Constabulary chief Bob Johnston earlier this week denounced the attack against the 24-year-old man.

Meanwhile, a woman who helped the beating victim in the minutes after the attack on Friday night said she will never forget the shock that she and her husband felt when they first encountered him.

Margaret Coveyduck was in the lineup at a Marie's Mini Mart convenience store when she wondered why the man walking toward the building was so red.

"Then I realized he was covered in blood," Coveyduck said. "He asked if we could help him because he said he was attacked, beaten and robbed."

In an interview, Coveyduck said it became clear that the man was disabled, upset and child-like, and that he was spitting blood as he talked.

Her husband sat the man down and cleaned him up.

"He said, they broke my fingers to try to get my ring off, which they did.' He said something about a watch and a wallet, but he was kicked all about," she said.

"I think he had some teeth missing and his nose was broken."

The teenagers are between the ages of 14 and 17.