The CEO of Gander's Airport Authority says his group is not responsible for dealing with dirty needles and other drug paraphernalia littered on airport property. 

"We don't think we have any responsibility to try and prevent people from the illicit use of drugs or putting needles on public property," said Gary Vey. "We have 10,000 acres of land under our stewardship on a site that's larger than the existing town of Gander."

"I think it's impractical and irrational for us to keep an eye on that property and keep it clean of any contaminant that we're not aware of."

Used needles found in popular walking area

Last week, a local photographer walking in an area called the old townsite said she found needles that appeared to have been used to inject drugs. The area is a popular place for residents to go for walks and to watch airplanes. 

Vey said the authority keeps several garbage cans in the area, which are emptied by airport staff several times each week. 

Vey advised anyone who finds needles or other drug paraphernalia not to touch them, but to report them to police. 

He also said the airport authority may consider restricting public access to the area.