Residents of the small outport of Sop's Arm in Newfoundland's White Bay say the old fish plant is not just run down, it's an outright safety hazard.

The wood of the Sop's Arm fish plant is rotting, the roof is falling in and the floor has holes in it.

"It's really in bad shape," said Ross Pinksen, who chairs the local service district.

'It's an accident waiting to happen, as far as I'm concerned' - Ross Pinksen

Pinksen said the building has not been used for more than two decades. While it has been deteriorating in recent years, it significantly worsened this year.

"This past winter has really taken its toll on it," he said, adding that what used to be just an eyesore is now a full-blown safety hazard.

"You can't get on the coastal wharf — you got to walk about 15 feet away from it. The roof is constructed with timber with sheet metal on top of it and the framing is all decaying, and when we get strong winds, pieces of the metal blow off," he said.

"It's very hazardous. It's an accident waiting to happen, as far as I'm concerned."

Pinksen said there is good news in that the new owner of the property — Todd Young of 3Ts Ltd. — has committed to tear down the old fish plant in August.

With files from Bernice Hillier