A web portal called the Digital Oceans Project has been launched as a pilot project at several schools across Newfoundland and Labrador, and students at Holy Spirit High School in Manuels are giving it top marks. 

"It's pretty cool because it's all hands-on," said Holy Spirit student Shyanne Collins. "You get to see exactly what's going on under the ocean, whereas usually we just hear about it and not get to experience anything."
The project uses real-time data and live video streaming from underwater equipment, offshore vessels and onshore sites.

On Monday, the students watched divers in Bonne Bay collect samples of an invasive species via underwater cameras streaming live video,  then they asked questions to scientists standing by live at Memorial's Oceans Sciences Centre in Logy Bay. 

The project has been created by the Ocean Learning Partnership, a group of public and private sector organizations which promote oceans education in the province's school system. 

The group has also been aiming to get more students interested in careers in the field.

"We need to attract the best and brightest into oceans-related careers by stimulating interest in and understanding of the range of opportunities in the sector," said Roger Pearson, chair of the board of the Oceans Learning Partnership.  

The Digital Oceans Project has been slated to expand to more schools in September 2014.