There was a happy, and furry, ending to a frantic search for a cat in the debris of a warehouse that had burned down in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Volunteers with the SCPA searched the rubble after a cat had been heard crying, although their initial efforts were fruitless. 

Late Wednesday, however, a cat named Dexter was safely located. 

Bonnie Learning of the SPCA said it was a touching moment when a firefighter emerged with Dexter. 

"There was a great relief ... everyone who was involved in trying to find the cat was overjoyed that he was found safe and sound," she told CBC News. 

"He didn't seem to be none the worse for wear, probably a bit hungry and thirsty but other than that he looked quite OK."

Learning credited firefighters with saving the animal. 

"They grabbed an infrared camera and came down on the site there and started searching around the rubble and [eventually found that] the cat was actually up on the roof area, in between the rafters and the roof of the building."

Dexter has been reunited with his owner.

Click on the video above to see the outcome.