Dennis O'Keefe praises St. John's snow crew for saving man

John Duke and Rick Price came to Steve Legrow's rescue after finding him unconscious in a snowbank on Dec. 27.
Snow clearing workers in St. John's save an unconscious Cowan Heights man.

Two members of St. John's snow-clearing crew were recognized at city council Monday for a life-changing act of kindness.

John Duke and Rick Price came to Steve Legrow's rescue after finding him unconscious in a snowbank on Dec. 27.

St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe said the Cowan Heights man would not have lived if the city employees hadn't found him in time.

"He would not have survived had it not been for the reaction of one of our employees who found him in the snow at two-thirty in the morning. He was in a very bad state. Had severe frostbite both to his hands and his feet," said O'Keefe.

Legrow wrote the city to thank the two city employees for helping him.

Mayor O'Keefe said both Duke and Price will receive letters of commendation from the city.