The mayor of St. John's says watching the Texas Stars beat the IceCaps in the Calder Cup final was a hard blow, but he's pleased with the relationship established between the two rivalling communities.

Dennis O'Keefe recently placed a wager against Cedar Park, Texas Mayor Matt Powell, about who would win in the series final.

While the loss was a hard pill for IceCaps fans to swallow, O'Keefe said he intends to settle his bet with 

"The City of Cedar Park, Texas and the City of St. John's … have become really, really great friends and so it's another example of how even when you lose, in the spirit of things, you actually win and you come closer together," said O'Keefe.

He added while the teams were rivals during the finals, there was never ill will to the competing team.

"I got an email from Matt Powell, the mayor of Cedar Park, and he indicated that he was absolutely delighted with the way his hockey team and the players were treated here in the City of St. John's — they loved it," he said.

"He was very proud of how much we had given to these players and how we welcomed them just as he would welcome us, and did welcome us down there."

Powell tweeted during the final game there was one thing in particular that stood out.

"If there's one thing I've gotten from viewing this series on TV, it's this: I've never heard of Mary Brown's Chicken & Taters but I want some."

O'Keefe said when he sends down Newfoundland and Labrador beer, Screech and cod tongues agreed upon in the bet, he might try to include some Mary Brown's for Powell.

"I could include a good feed of Mary Brown's and taters … I'll have to call him and tell him we'll send him down the best legs in town," said O'Keefe.