Defence rests its case at Steven Neville trial

A Supreme Court jury heard more defence witness testimony Wednesday in the Steven Neville murder trial.

The defence wrapped up its case in the Steven Neville murder trial at Supreme Court in St. John's Wednesday.

The court heard more testimony that the two young men Neville confronted on Oct. 9, 2010 were out to get him. Neville is accused of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Doug Flynn, and the attempted murder of Ryan Dwyer.

During the trial, several witnesses have testified that Dwyer was out to get Neville because he had taken over Dwyer's cocaine business, and that Dwyer had turned people, including Flynn, against Neville.

On the night in question, Neville and others were at a party in Paradise, at the house of a defence witness who took the stand Wednesday. He said he got a text from Dwyer asking if Neville was there. He texted back that Neville had been at the party, but had left. The witness also said he asked people to leave because he was afraid Dwyer and Flynn might come looking for Neville.

Removed Facebook page

Another defense witness - Neville's cousin Amanda Arns - said that a couple of days after the stabbings she took down Neville's Facebook page because of comments posted on it.

But Arns said she saved some earlier posts, including several from Doug Flynn. They were posted on September 30, 2010, the day Neville had a run-in with Dwyer and Flynn, using bear spray on them.

Flynn had written, "I challenged you to a fight last week...u want nothing to do with it, u comes today with your bearmace...u sprayed it...i would have knocked your block off with that bat. YOU ARE F****D."

And a few minutes later, "YOU CANT HIDE FORVEER YOUR F*****G DEAD!!!!!"

Flynn also sent two more similar messages.

The Crown and defence must still deliver their closing statements.

The jury could start deliberations next week.