Deer Lake hosts eastern Canada's first ultra-marathon

Runners in Deer Lake compete in the first ultra-marathon in eastern Canada.
A debut 'ultra-marathon' around Deer Lake is a success, reports Colleen Connors 2:17

Runners met in Deer Lake this weekend to compete in the first ultra-marathon in eastern Canada.

Deer Lake 67 hosted 26 runners looking to challenge their bodies in the ultra-marathon, which is any running race that covers a distance of more than 50 kilometres.

The route started in Deer Lake and took runners to Humber Valley Resort and back.

Runners Peter Bazeley and Lee Churchill leaned on each other for support through the steep hills, with Bazeley placing first in a mere five hours and 15 minutes.

"About 10K to go, I think Peter just had a second wind and he just picked up the pace and he just dropped me," Churchill said.

"He had a fantastic race. Five hours, 15 minutes for 67K is something we didn't really anticipate."

Lee Churchill, left, and Peter Bazeley supported each other during the race. (CBC)

David Decker, race director, said it's crucial for runners to take care of their bodies and refuel while they race.

"The body is your tool. It's going to carry you over this distance," Decker said. "So if you don't take care of your body, then you would be in pretty rough shape."

Decker said these kinds of races are extreme, but the challenge appeals to a lot of runners.

"There's a certain, I don't know, nagging voice in a person's head," he said. "I've only done the marathon distance myself, but there's something about pushing the human body to the extremes and seeing what the body can suffer, I guess."

Plans for a second Deer Lake 67 are already in the works.