While water levels were receding on Friday, town officials in Deer Lake are asking residents to keep on their toes as the risk of flooding remains.

The Humber River and Deer Lake were slowly subsiding, but "significant concerns remain about two local roads," an advisory late on Friday said.

"Two roadways of concern, Pine Tree Drive and Riverbank Road, will be observed," it reads. "Officials have determined that slippage has occurred in these two areas.

"Town officials are urging residents to be observant and report any changes in the conditions."

Mayor Dean Ball said it's been a challenging week, but it has been easier with help from various provincial government departments.

He met with his brother, Premier Dwight Ball, on Friday to discuss the situation.

Water is flowing underneath a blockage of ice at the mouth of the Humber River, which spreads across to the St. Jude's area of Deer Lake.

Residents are asked to call the town's emergency line at 635-2451 if they notice any changes in conditions.