Premier Kathy Dunderdale is promising there will be a debate on the Muskrat Falls project when the house of assembly opens in the spring.

On Point

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She made the pledge during an interview for On Point With David Cochrane that was recorded Wednesday. The full interview will air on this weekend's program.

"We're looking at sanction, at the earliest at this point in time, would be in the spring and the house will be in session before we sanction Muskrat Falls," said Dunderdale.

The premier said that a project such as Muskrat Falls should be debated.

"There's a lively debate as there ought to be on a project of this size and we would never go to sanction without bringing the house of assembly together, giving the people of the province a chance to hear the debate on the floor of the house of assembly," said Dunderdale.

Dunderdale did, however, say the matter would not be put to a vote.

"In terms of having a vote on sanction, that is not where my head is and it's not anything I've examined at this point in time," said Dunderdale.

Newfoundland and Labrador's Crown energy corporation, Nalcor, has teamed with Halifax-based Emera Inc. to develop the $6.2-billion project.

As proposed, the plant would generate 824 megawatts of power, which would be routed to Newfoundland via subsea cables. As much as 40 per cent of that power would be routed through subsea cables connecting southern Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.