Deanna King's 'wrong song' turns into internet's right song

A confrontation with a neighbour over a rat problem in Conception Bay South has turned Deanna King into an internet sensation.

Warning: Strong language

Deanna King has become an internet sensation after her CBC interview on problems with C.B.S. rats 2:28

A confrontation with a neighbour over a rat problem in Conception Bay South has turned Deanna King into an internet sensation with parodies, music remixes and even a suggestion to have her host this year's Salmon Festival in Grand Falls-Windsor.

"The friends, they're not just friends any more, they're fans," King told the CBC's Amy Stoodley, the same reporter who  ended up in the middle of King's rant at neighbour Glenn Simpson when he suggested a King's pile of garbage might be one of the problems causing an infestation of rats near his house.

"Who would have thought my big mouth would have gained me fans," said King, adding that many fans have been enthusiastic. 

'[They say] 'I loves ya, gotta meet ya,' like, they want me to go out to the Salmon Fest and host that." [Grand Falls-Windsor Deputy Mayor Barry Manuel said reports that King will host are "100 per cent false."]

King's antics are still being viewed thanks to the power of the internet, even though the initial interview was almost two weeks ago.

The expression "wrong song," coined by King, has become a common expression in St. John's and on Facebook, as well as '911 Party on the Dance Floor' — her riff on singer Sean Kingston's popular song Fire Burning.

She said there have been some negative comments, with some people calling her an embarrassment to Newfoundland and Newfoundlanders, with King later admitting one person who made that comment was her own sister.

But King is unfazed. 

"Everybody here knows who I am, everybody knows. Like, 'Oh my God yes, that's Deanne, that's Deanne,'" she said.

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Party's on Da Dance Floor (Big Rats) - Remix by Pay-Ray


  • A prior version of this report said that Deanna King had received an invitation to host the Salmon Festival. In fact, King said this had only been suggested to her by fans.
    Jun 12, 2014 8:13 PM NT