Residents near Deadman's Bay on Newfoundland's northeast coast are upset about the state of their beach since the area continues to be used as a gravel quarry with heavy machinery tearing up the landscape.

The work is continuing despite a government promise to stop it. 

The beautiful coastal area is known for its beach and berry-picking. Many locals and tourists enjoy going to the area.

But large areas have been torn up since the gravel quarry began operating last year.

'It looks like they're going to take everything they can and then, you know, it's not going to be worth going down there.' - Verna Norris

Verna Norris often visits her sister in Deadman's Bay and says the damage is hard to ignore.

"One area down there is the size of a football field," said Norris. "It looks like they're just going to take everything that they can and then, you know, it's not going to be worth going down there."

Norris contacted the Department of Natural Resources last summer after she saw the damage.

They told her the permits would be cancelled this year, but the quarry work continues.

When Norris called the department this year, she was told a mistake had been made.

"For some reason [the company] got their permits," said Norris. "He [an employee with Department of Natural Resources] told me that the permits would be cancelled. He said in two weeks I will have those permits cancelled, but that was a month ago."

The local service district has also received many complaints about the quarry, but they`ve had similar difficulty getting the government to take action.

Inspector being sent to area, department says

Natural Resources Minister Derrick Dalley was out of the province attending federal-provincial-territorial agriculture meetings, and unavailable for comment.

But in a statement, the department says no permits have been issued for extraction of material from Deadman’s Bay beach.

Officials said an inspector will be sent to the area "in the near future" to check on the situation.

The government says there are two active quarries located 100 to 200 metres from Deadman’s Bay beach, and both are rehabilitating the sites. The province says permits for those quarry operations will not be renewed.