The minister of Natural Resources says his department will investigate damage to the beach at Deadman's Bay caused by continuing work on a gravel quarry, after receiving complaints from area residents.

Earlier this week, residents said heavy machinery was tearing up the picturesque landscape and destroying the natural beauty of the area.

Minister Derrick Dalley said no permits have been issued for the ongoing quarry-like work happening on the beach, and he'll be sending an inspector to the site to find out what's going on.

In a statement to CBC, Dalley said there are two active quarries roughly 200 metres from the beach, and both sites are being cleaned up and prepared to shut down.

Dalley promised no gravel would be trucked through the community.

Both quarries have been operating for years and have always met the requirements for their permits, Dalley said.

However, he added those permits will not be renewed for next year..

Dalley would not comment on a claim that a permit for the work had been issued by mistake.