Dead whale stuck underneath Argentia dock

A dead whale is wedged underneath a dock in Argentia harbour, on the Avalon peninsula's southwest coast.
Dead whale stuck underneath Argentia dock. (Loyola Pomeroy)

A dead whale is stuck underneath a dock in Argentia harbour, on the Avalon Peninsula's southwest coast.

According to Argentia Management Authority Port Facility and Operations Officer Loyola Pomeroy, there's been a bad smell in the harbour for at least a few days, but most people thought it was coming from the regular work that goes on in the harbour.

A worker from Metal Works came across the whale late Thursday afternoon in the dock at the end of the harbour between Metal Works and Marine Atlantic.

Pomeroy said the Port authority looked under the dock for a quarterly inspection in late June and the whale wasn't there at that time.

"It's a sort of unusual problem that's been put upon us," Pomeroy said.

Argentia Management Authority CEO Harvey Brenton said he's spoken with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and other levels of government to determine who should dispose of the whale, but said no one has taken responsiblity so far.

If by Monday no one's taken responsibility, Brenton said the Argentia Management Authority may have to deal with it.

No one knows how the whale got under the dock and how long its been there.