The Commissioner for Legislative Standards is investigating Progressive Conservative MHA David Brazil's role in the Adult Basic Education Project on Bell Island.

The investigation comes following a request put in by Liberal MHA Yvonne Jones.


MHA David Brazil has been involved in hockey on Bell Island for years. (CBC)

Jones questioned Brazil's continued involvement with the adult learning program that was run by a hockey team, in which Brazil is the General Manager.

"He's the guy who signed the cheques, he's the guy who signed the records of employment he's the guy who did hiring, and firing within the program. And to my knowledge the same individual who accepted government money," said Jones.

"We want to see some level of accountability here."  

 Brazil said he stands by his previously actions, he will no longer be directly involved in the project.  

 "The process now, I'm distancing myself from the actual administrative part of it, and I thought I had done that to a certain point but got caught in a couple situations where I had to help out the people, and did what I thought was right", said Brazil.

"There's a process in place now that will have nothing to do with me."