Daughter's 25 cent gumball request turns into $1M payout

Rick and Marion Traverse of Paradise have a million reasons to celebrate — as the newest millionaires in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Paradise's Rick and Marion Traverse pick up a cheque for $1 million after winning the lottery 1:49

Rick and Marion Traverse of Paradise have a million reasons to celebrate — as the newest millionaires in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

The Traverse family hit the jackpot in the Atlantic Lottery scratch game, Prestige, and were at Atlantic Lottery headquarters in St. John's on Wednesday to pick up their winnings.

Rick Traverse said he bought the ticket Friday night at the Marie's Mini Mart in Paradise with his daughter.

"I had $10 left, and she said, 'Dad, can I have a quarter for a gumball?' And I said, 'Well, you can have a quarter— or I can buy a million dollar ticket.' She said, 'Buy the ticket!' So, I bought the ticket, scratched half of it Saturday, put it in my back pocket and never thought of it 'till Sunday," he said. 

On Sunday, Marion Traverse was cooking dinner when she heard her husband scream that he won a million dollars.

Family and friends gathered to celebrate Marion and Rick Traverse's million-dollar win on Wednesday. (CBC)
"I thought he was saying, 'Mouse, mouse,' and when I looked he was coming at me saying he had won," she said.

Traverse said her husband then bolted out the door with his shoes half on to rush to the store to validate the ticket.

"It was the longest 10 minutes of my life," she said.

The first thing the couple did was rent a limousine to travel to Placentia, and visit their parents.

"We surprised my mom and dad, and Rick's mom. And when I pulled up in front of the house I grew up in, that's when it hit me. It was a special moment," Marion said.

The couple plan on making several purchases, including buying a car for Marion's sister, who is a single mother.