The court battle between Danny Williams and the City of St. John's has been re-scheduled for Dec. 19., meaning the former premier will have to wait longer than he wants to resume work on the huge Galway development.

The matter was supposed to be heard on Nov. 28, but lawyers for the city requested more time, according to Jerome Kennedy, Williams's lawyer. 

"This is a significant matter that is at an impasse, as Mr. Williams will point out, and I feel the city should be doing whatever they could to facilitate the hearing of this matter so we could move on with it from a legal perspective," Kennedy told reporters outside the courtroom Wednesday afternoon. 

Williams has filed an application with the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, claiming the city has "exceeded its authority" — specifically that the city is withholding additional building permits until Williams agrees to give up his right to take the city to court if any disputes arise.

Galway water tower

Williams says he can't get access to much-needed permits for the Galway development. (CBC)

The new court date doesn't sit well with Williams, either. 

"We can't get any more permits, we've made requests for permits for houses out there," he said, adding it's an urgent issue.

"The big issue for us here is that winter is coming — we're going to get snow, we're going to get frost in the ground," Williams added.

The City of St. John's has only said it was served an application regarding the Galway Development and a detailed defence to the allegation will be filed in court. 

With files from Fred Hutton