A contractor is suing former Newfoundland and Labrador premier Danny Williams for more than a million dollars in unpaid work on his new home in Outer Cove.

Four years after construction began, Williams' hillside home, originally estimated to cost $5.5-million, is still not finished.

Williams has since fired Fort Management, prompting the contractor to sue Williams for breach of contract.

In documents filed in the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador, the company alleges it is owed more than $1 million for work it completed on the home.

Fort Management said 14 previous invoices were paid without dispute. However, one issued in January remains outstanding.

In February, the company was told its services were no longer required.

Williams planning counterclaim

Williams was travelling on Tuesday and not available for an interview.

However, in a prepared statement, Williams said Fort Management was terminated "due to gross mismanagement, substantial cost overruns and significant delays.

"This will all be part of a counterclaim that will be much more substantial than Fort's claim against me."

Lawyers for Williams have been busy preparing a statement of defence.

A lawyer for Fort Management declined a request for an interview.