Prominent St. John's city councillor Danny Breen announced Friday he is seeking the PC nomination in Virginia Waters.

Breen's announcement the stage for a potential showdown between three strong candidates, should he win the party's nomination. 

Breen, who has been representing an east-end ward on council since 2009, chairs the city's finance committee, and has been active in Tory politics since he was a student politician three decades ago.

A date has not yet been set for the byelection in Virginia Waters.

The seat became vacant on Feb. 28 when Kathy Dunderdale left politics. She resigned as premier in January.

Businesswoman Cathy Bennett is running for the Liberals and drew a large rally at a city hotel earlier this week, when she called on Premier Tom Marshall to call the byelection as soon as possible.

Sheilagh O'Leary, a former St. John's councillor, is running for the New Democrats.

A byelection must be called within 60 days of a seat becoming vacant.