St. John's councillor Danny Breen says he's considering leaving his municipal post to run for provincial politics.

Breen first announced his interest following Kathy Dunderdale's resignation as MHA for Virginia Waters on Friday.

Breen said he may be interested in running under the Progressive Conservative banner.

However, he said it would be a tough decision to leave his Ward One post.

"I really enjoy municipal politics, I really enjoy representing the ward that I represent. So, that is one of the considerations that I will be working through as I make this decision," Breen said.

He said that if he chooses a provincial run, it won't be because he doesn't enjoy municipal politics.

"In public service and in politics, opportunities arise unscheduled and when they arise you need to consider them," he said.

"That's the position I find myself in now, and hopefully I'll reach a decision fairly shortly."

Businesswoman Cathy Bennett has already announced that she would be seeking the Liberal nomination for the byelection.