Residents of Daniel's Harbour will have to wait until next week before they know how much damage has been incurred by recent landslides.

A landslide on Tuesday took out a full-length fence that's meant to keep people away from the area, leaving a hole about 15 metres deep and 60x75 metres wide.

The community has witnessed numerous landslides in the past, some taking houses with them. 

Mayor Ross Humber said they're concerned about the close proximity the hole is to key municipal infrastructure.

The houses on the north side of the community are less than 20 metres away from losing basic necessities.  

'Well, if the road goes, it will cut them off from water and sewer - how bad will that be?' - Derek Payne

Resident Derek Payne, who lives on the south side of the community, is worried he might be cut off from neighbours north of the landslide.

"Well if the road goes, it will cut them off from water and sewer, how bad might that be — well it's a big job to put in water and sewer," said Payne.

"That's what it seems like, because it's going to be awful dangerous to put a road on this side of the town. Unless they put a road on the side part of town to connect it."

For now the section of road is going to remain closed for safety reasons. 

Engineers arrive in the community next week to assess the landslide, and to determine how close the land is to the water and sewer lines.