The western Newfoundland town of Daniel's Harbour was hit with a landslide this week that has gotten progressively worse over the last few days.

Daniel's Harbour has a history of landslides in the same area.

The latest problem started earlier this week, but on Tuesday night the biggest chunk of land within a fenced-off area shifted.

The road running alongside the area hit by the landslide has been closed off and traffic is diverted to the main highway to access certain parts of the community.

No injuries have been reported, and no homes were damaged.

Mayor Ross Humber said he's concerned the destruction will continue and affect the north end of the community's water and sewer system.

Humber said if that happens, there is a temporary plan in place, but he isn't sure about a permanent solution.

Municipal Affairs looked into it on Wednesday, and a geologist should be in Daniel's Harbour by Tuesday to assess the damage.