Daniel Pottle, the former Nunatsiavut minister who was dismissed over a missed meeting, says he doesn't think he did anything wrong.

Pottle is the ordinary member of Nunatsiavut Assembly representing the Constituency of Canada. Up until recently, he served as minister of finance, human resources and information technology, until his dismissal Thursday.

Nunatsiavut president Sarah Leo said Pottle had no valid reason not to attend a meeting in Nain in person.

But Pottle said poor weather and exhaustion were to blame for him not making it there in person, and appearing via teleconference instead. 

"I was exhausted to tell you the truth," Pottle told CBC Radio's Labrador Morning Friday.

Pottle said he had been travelling from Vancouver to St. John's to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, when poor weather cancelled his flight to Nain.

He made a decision to return to his riding of St. John's because poor weather was expected to continue the next day.

Three options

After returning to St. John's, Pottle said he received a call from Leo stating there were three options on the table to deal with the missed meeting.

One of the options was to overlook the incident, another was for Pottle to be publicly reprimanded and be made to repay travel costs.

They ultimately decided to dismiss him.

"I told [Leo] I was astounded, that I think it was very harsh and very heavy-handed. I, in making a decision, to return to St. John's in no way shape or form intended to be insubordinate," he said.

"Let me say up front, despite this decision, I have no other choice, and Labrador Inuit have no other choice but to accept this decision."

Pottle believes he did nothing wrong and said it's standard practice to appear at meetings via telephone.