Dana Bradley was 14 when she disapeared 25 years ago. Her death remains an unsolved murder.

A quarter-century since she disappeared in St. John's, police say they get 50 tips a year about the murder of 14-year-old Dana Bradley.

"It's an ongoing investigation. That's something people seem to lose track of," RCMP Sgt. Peter McKay said. "It's always active. It's being looked at regularly."

Harry Smeaton was the last person to see Dana before she disappeared on Dec. 14, 1981. He was selling Christmas trees at a roadside stand; she was hitchhiking.

Smeaton says he saw the girl get into a car with a male driver.

"I guess you could say what haunts me the most is that I believe that there must be someone out there that has some answers,that knows something, and hasn't come forward," Smeaton said.

Four days later, Dale Smith was out looking for a Christmas tree in the woods near Maddox Cove when he found Dana's body, dead from blows to the head with a blunt object.

"I was informed after that she had books tucked up in under her arm," Smith said. "Now, I never saw that because I wouldn't look that far, at her face. I didn't want that in my memory, you know."

At the time of her death, police interviewed thousands of people.

Dana's family and friends don't want to discuss the case.