Damaged trees from Leslie finally being mulched

Thousands of trees damaged by tropical storm Leslie are being mulched by a piece of equipment brought in from Ontario - but it's a lengthy process.

The City of St. John's is finally getting rid of two gigantic piles of trees that had been knocked down by a storm in September.

Residents brought thousands of broken trees to two city parking lots after tropical storm Leslie blew through the area.

Paul Mackey, the city's public works director, said they were waiting for a large mulcher to be brought in from Ontario.

Mackey says they had originally wanted to use the machine that was used to clean up after Hurricane Igor, but it wasn't available from Corner Brook Pulp & Paper before Christmas.

He adds they had to consider other options.

Mackey adds that the work is almost complete, but he plans to keep the machine a while longer, to mulch Christmas trees.

Once complete, the work will add up to about 127-thousand dollars. 

Mackey says the city is also considering getting a mulcher that could be used year-round.

The machinery would cost between 250-thousand and 300-thousand dollars. 

Once all trees are mulched, the city invites the public to take the mulch away from the two sites, at Wishingwell Park and Quidi Vidi Lake.