Two renegade MHAs who fell out with NDP Leader Lorraine Michael last fall have officially cut their ties with the party. 

Dale Kirby and Christopher Mitchelmore left the NDP caucus in late October, days after Michael fired back over a caucus letter that called for a leadership convention. 

Kirby and Mitchelmore, who have been sitting as Independendents since then, maintained their memberships in the NDP. 

Both have now resigned their memberships. 

Multiple sources indicate that Kirby and Mitchelmore are close to possibly joining the Liberal caucus, which picked up a new member last week when former Tory caucus chair Paul Lane crossed the floor. 

Neither Kirby, who represents St. John's North in the legislature, nor Mitchelmore, who represents The Straits-White Bay North, were commenting on Monday about their immediate future. 

Speaking with CBC on Friday, Kirby said he will not be running as Independent in the next provincial election. 

"I'll be running for a political party — at least, I'll be seeking a nomination and if I secure a nomination, I'll be running with that political party," Kirby said on CBC Radio's Crosstalk.