A group of kids eagerly awaiting Santa Claus at the annual Christmas parade in St. John's had one request for the man in the jolly red suit when he finally passed them in his sleigh.

The boys weren't looking for a new Xbox for Christmas and they didn't want a brand new hockey stick either. They wanted one thing, and after numerous cries for Santa's attention, they got it.

Yes — Santa Claus dabbed.  

Dabbin' Santa

These Santa Claus fans celebrated on Sunday after Santa listened to their pleas and dabbed for the crowd at the St. John's Christmas parade. (Sheilagh O'Leary)

Dabbing is a popular "dance" that was started by rap group Migos and further popularized by athletes like sprinter Usain Bolt and football player Cam Newton.

Rapper 2 Chainz even has a music video featuring a "Dabbin' Santa" and sells a Christmas sweater on his website. 

But while Cam Newton may celebrate a game winning touchdown with a celebratory dab, or Usain Bolt may dab across the finish line as he's once again named the fastest man in the world, the boys cheering for Santa broke out into plain and simple euphoria. 

For at least one group of kids at the parade, it was a Christmas miracle. 

Watch the celebration in the video above.