The family and friends of a St. John's man who died in a cycling accident are raising questions about the police investigation into what happened to him.

Mike Dinn, 48, died on July 1 from injuries he received after his bicycle collided with a truck on June 23.

Police say Dinn was injured by a flatbed that had pulled over on the Outer Ring Road, near St. John's. They say the truck's driver stopped to check his load.

Dinn's friend Bill Maddigan says family and friends have questions about the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary's investigation.

"The truck that was parked; there were some clear violations to the Highway Traffic Act, but no tickets were issued," said Maddigan. "Mike was critically injured, or assessed to be critically injured, at the scene and yet vehicles that may have been involved or were definitely involved were not impounded or looked at more closely."

Maddigan says media reports at the time said Dinn had cycled into the truck, but he says that's never been verified.

Dinn's family and friends are asking anyone who witnessed the accident to come forward and describe what they saw.