Some arts groups say they're shocked by the budget cuts for the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Culture Centres.

However, Terry French, the minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation, said the decision is not as bad as is seems.

He said cutbacks like the ones hitting the Labrador West centre shouldn't make a big difference.

"In places where the facilities were not being used a hundred per cent, obviously it didn't make sense to have staff there a hundred percent or as many staff there," French said.

"As is the case in Labrador, we have three full-time staff — we've taken it and we're making them three part-time staff. It shouldn't have too big of impact on the number of days the facility is actually open."

French said that despite the cuts, he would like to be able to utilize the centres more.

"It would give me no greater delight to have to hire staff to keep up with the demand of full houses," he said.

"It's unfortunate that that's not the case, but I would love to see every one of them in the province at the same level."

French said if the level of activity increases at the centres, his department may take another look at staffing levels.