A Labrador City parent says one person cannot do the all work needed to support children enrolled in French immersion in her area after learning Labrador will have only one French immersion teacher's aide in the 2013-14 school year.


Jennifer Hiscock says the French teacher's aides have been great support for her children. (CBC)

"Right now, the government doesn't understand how much one person can really do," Jennifer Hiscock, a Labrador City mother, who has children enrolled in French immersion.

Hiscock said the aide her children have worked with has offered great support to teachers and young students.

"She puts in that extra give to make it easy for them to learn because right now at the age that they're at, this is when they're going to learn," she said.

Funding cut in provincial budget

The provincial government cut its contribution to the federal-provincial Official Languages in Education agreement earlier this year, which meant the province's education department lost funding for six full-time French immersion teacher's aide positions.

Two of those positions were in Labrador, leaving Happy Valley-Goose Bay without an aide, and one full-time position to be split between schools in western Labrador. 

Officials said the one position in Labrador is on par with central and western Newfoundland, where each area has one aide.