Curran off to Junos this weekend

Singer-songwriter Amelia Curran is headed to the 2013 Juno Awards in Regina, Sask. Her album, Spectators, is nominated in the Roots/Traditional category.

Curran says attending Junos is 'Cinderella moment'

St. John's singer-songwriter talks about Juno nomination with Jamie Mauracher 2:23

Newfoundland and Labrador musician Amelia Curran is heading to the Juno Awards for the second time.

The singer-songwriter is nominated for Spectators in the Roots/Traditional category for best solo album of the year.

It's the follow-up to her first Juno-winning record Hunter, Hunter.

From early performances at intimate pubs in St. John's, to sweeping Atlantic Canada's music scene to the Junos — Curran has always considered herself a proud Newfoundlander.

After living in Halifax, Curran has returned to St. John's. It's a choice she was unsure about from a career perspective.

"I started plotting my return year one," said Curran. "And it took 12 years ... but that's it now. You've got to be where you belong."

In an interview with CBC News, Curran said she's doing something she loves. But behind all of the glitz and glamour of award shows and such — she said it is still a job.

"Going to the Junos, being nominated for a Juno it feels really, really great," said Curran. "But this is not your real job. This is the little Cinderella moment, where you are going to the Junos in a pumpkin and you're wearing your glass slipper ... and when the Junos are over, you have to go home and forget about it and go back to work."

Curran is about to relive that fairy tale moment, as she travels to Regina, Sask., for the 2013 Juno Awards this weekend.