Crown seeks hard time for Bell Island duo

The Crown said Monday that two men who went on a violent rampage on Bell Island in August should get stiff sentences for their crimes.
Crown seeks federal time for summer crime spree, reports Glenn Payette 2:05

The Crown is seeking stiff sentences for two men who went on a violent rampage on Bell Island in August.

Wayne Boone and Christian Jenkins, both 20 and from Bell Island, had a sentencing hearing Monday and were formally convicted after pleading guilty to charges linked to their crime spree.

In broad daylight on Aug. 30, Boone and Jenkins, both very drunk, attacked half a dozen people and damaged several homes and vehicles.

The incidents shocked residents of Bell Island.

Report says men need help

A pre-sentence report states that unless Boone and Jenkins get serious help for their issues - help they could get in a federal prison - they're both at a high risk to reoffend.

With that in mind, Crown prosecutor Ian Hollett recommended both Boone and Jenkins each get three to four years in jail.

Defendants' lawyers ask for less time

However, Boone's lawyer asked for a sentence of two years in prison minus a day for his client, while Jenkins' lawyer recommended about two years of jail time.

Jenkins' lawyer said his client's actions could be seen as a cry for help. He noted Jenkins had pleaded guilty, and had attention deficit disorder and other issues.

Boone's lawyer noted his client also pleaded guilty, and should not be treated like Jenkins, because Jenkins was the one who did the damage.

Boone told the court he is sorry and, through his lawyer, said he wants two years less a day so he can stay at Her Majesty's Penitentiary in St. John's to be near his family.

Judge Mike Madden will sentence the pair on Dec.18.