The Crown has been denied a chance to appeal a decision in a disturbing murder case on the west coast of Newfoundland, because it didn't file the appeal quick enough.

In April 2008, Christopher Sawicki, 49, was charged in the vicious stabbing death of his neighbour, George Benoit, 57, in Piccadilly on the Port au Port Peninsula.

At trial, both the Crown and defence agreed Sawicki killed Benoit, but they asked jurors to find Sawicki not criminally responsible for his actions.

The trial heard from medical experts who said Sawicki was suffering from a manic episode of bipolar disorder on the night of the killing, and he had no concept of the consequences of his actions that night.

Sawicki was ultimately found not criminally reponsible because of mental illness.

Last month, Sawicki was granted an absolute discharge by a review board and allowed full integration back into the community.

The Crown wanted to appeal that decision, arguing Sawicki could still be a risk to the public.

However, the Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court of Appeal refused to hear the case, saying the Crown failed to file its appeal on time.