A fire that started in the Red Bridge Road area of Conception Bay South proved stubborn on Monday evening, as crews fought to extinguish it. 

A water bomber was being used to get rid of persistent hot spots in the fire, which appeared to be under control early Monday evening — only to spurt flames well above the treeline later. 

The CBS fire department was contacted for help last night after 11 p.m. They responded and based their action out of a gravel pit. About 15 firefighters fought the fire.

The fire came close to a residential area last night, but the firefighters were able to get it under control.

There haven't been any structures burned or damaged.

Water bomber in CBS

A water bomber drops water on the fire in Conception Bay South. (Mark Quinn/CBC)

"We didn't have to consider evacuating anyone," said Dan Lavigne, the provincial forest fire duty officer.

Lavigne can't comment on the cause of the fire until the investigation is finished. 

The area that was burned was partially clear cut and had low trees. About three hectares of land was burned.

Lavigne reminds people that the risk of fires have increased because of the dry weather. 

"A lot of areas have high forest fire indices," said Lavigne. 

All sporting events have been cancelled at Sgt. Ned Nugent's Park in CBS for Monday night because of safety reasons.

Open fires have been banned in and around forested areas throughout Newfoundland because of the threat of forest fires. This ban includes campfires, brush burning, and fireworks.

Lavigne also said there are fires burning in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Churchill Falls. There are no indications of those fires affecting residential areas.