The holiday season in Holyrood was marked by traffic crashes and collisions, according to the RCMP.

Police said Wednesday afternoon that there were 20 separate vehicle crashes in between Dec. 21 and Jan 3.

Fifteen of those accidents were single-vehicle incidents that police said "were possibly avoidable if drivers were driving slower."

Yellow pickup truck flipped THC holyrood

The Holyrood RCMP detachment says many of the accidents between Dec. 21 and Jan. 3 could have been avoided, if drivers were going slower. (RCMP)

"Each of these single-vehicle events involved leaving the road and/or overturning on or near the road," RCMP wrote in a news release, adding most of them involved people driving too fast for the road conditions.

Four of the accidents were collisions between two vehicles, and the other was a tractor-trailer jackknifing in the road.

The detachment is urging drivers to slow down.

Yellow pickup truck Holyrood

The Holyrood RCMP detachment are reminding drivers to slow down and drive to road conditions. (RCMP)

"When the driving conditions are less than ideal one must drive accordingly," Staff Sgt. Boyd Merrill wrote in the press release.

"The posted speed signs apply to ideal conditions only. Regardless of the conditions the driver must meet these conditions or dire consequences can result."

Police said no one was seriously injured in any of the 20 accidents.