A lawsuit between Golden Shell Fisheries and the Fish, Food and Allied Workers' Union has been settled out of court. (CBC)

A lawsuit involving the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union and a fish plant on Random Island has been settled out of court.

Golden Shell Fisheries sued the union after 200 fishermen dumped about 30,000 pounds of unprocessed crab off its wharf in Hickman's Harbour in April 2013, during a price dispute. 

The fish plant's lawyer, Jim Hughes, said the two sides resolved the matter in the last two months. 

"The settlement, of course, is subject to confidentiality, so no more will be said about that — and all parties appear to be happy and resolved," said Hughes. 

Slanderous comments made

Hughes said Golden Shell Fisheries is still suing one fishermen for slander, for comments made during a radio interview.

"Suggesting that the plant was somehow processing crab that would poison people, or make them sick ... those were the words generally that he used. And they were quite offensive, and my clients were very upset about that," he said. 

About 24 other fishermen also face mischief charges relating to the same protest.

The established, negotiated price in 2012 was $1.95 per pound. The price in 2013 fell back to $1.83, but harvesters were paid an additional 17 cents per pound after the fact for all landings up to and including May 4, 2013.