A couple in St. Philip's is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of their pet parrot.

Stephanie Power and Mike Mercer said Keelo, their three-year-old parrot, flew out their patio door on Saturday.


Keelo the parrot has been missing from his home in St. Philip's since Saturday. (CBC)

Power described Keelo as being about 25 cm tall, vibrant green in colour, with bright orange  wing tips. 

She added that Keelo could be capable of flying up to 80 km in a day.

"He may be in your backyard, CBS, Bell Island, St. John's, he could be anywhere."

Power had advice for anyone attempting to capture the wayward parrot.

"To, you know, lure him in with maybe some food in a bird feeder and then something big like a blanket might be able to trap him," said Power. "Once you can bring him inside your house he will be pretty calm inside, that's what he's used to."

"And we will come get him."